How to Heal Your Hair in Just 4 Minutes

How High Brands are absolutely thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our How High portfolio, K18.  A brand we truly believe owns its own exclusive category and will be the biggest GAME CHANGER in the hair industry for years.

For all hair types, for every generation.

K18 products stand alone, meaning you don’t have to mix them into any colour, lightener or chemicals. It takes only four minutes and products are meant to be left in the hair, not rinsed away. There are only four products in total—two pro-only and two retail products—because simplicity for your salon and your customers is a key part of the K18 ethos.

The in-salon K18 Treatment promises to protect hair and lessen damage. It improves colour uniformity and longevity, and adds strength, shine and manageability.

Here’s what the service looks like:

Spray K18 Mist section by section onto hair prior to chemical service, then wait four minutes before proceeding with the service.

After processing, shampoo the hair, do not condition, and towel-dry.

Apply the K18 Mask for four minutes. Don’t rinse, just style as desired.

Hear what clients are saying about K18.

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