Introducing How High Life

Since our launch 3 years ago, How High’s focus has always been on supporting our salon partners with hair and beauty brands that offer a clear point of difference, category killing in nature, and of course ground breaking performances.

After so much encouragement and support from our partners, it was only natural to launch our latest diversion collection, aptly named How High Life (style).

This carefully curated collection will be bringing the very best products that make your lives richer – physically, emotionally and intellectually. It includes revolutionary products such as the award winning body and skin supplements from Pure Elixir and the clinically proven Hair Gain gummies range.


We intend to:

  • Inspire journeys of people living the life they want
  • To introduce you to new ideas, concepts and thought processes
  • To offer innovative, unique and special well being and lifestyle brands
  • To offer a choice of brands that will be environmentally conscious, cruelty free and to contain the very best ingredients
  • To educate, elevate and inspire

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