YS Park Comb G45


Extra length, rigid spine construction, longer teeth with generous spacing on the rough side as well as the trade-mark guide measurements.

The YS Park G45 feature a calibrated scale lasered onto the spine of the comb that lets you make precise measurements—excellent for achieving symmetry, teaching students and for showing clients exactly how much hair you’ll be cutting.


The G45 is based on YS Park’s extra-long (220 mm) cutting comb the YS Park 345 and has all the features of that model, including:

  • A rigid spine
  • Longer teeth with wide spacing on the rough side.
  • The distinctive YS Park parting tooth
  • It is made from the same super-strong plastic as the rest of the range
  • The arched ends are designed to fit snugly against the scalp 


  • It’s ideal for scissor- or clipper-over-comb work
  • It’s  superb for long hair work
  • It makes sectioning hair easy
  • It’s heat and chemical resistant
  • You get total accuracy when using the measurement guide
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