There are Foils… And There is Foil Me

Foil Me was curated from the desire to help colourists have an easier, more enjoyable experience in the salon. A brand synonymous with creation, innovation, appreciation and integration. Foil Me foils and brushes have been and always will be designed for you, the artist. Each collection is unique and varies in size, thickness, colour, style and graphic designs.

Foil Me foils will benefit you in the following ways:

  • The signature embossing on our foils ensures that the product remains within the foil decreasing bleeding, demarcation and less product is needed.
  • Foil Me’s signature embossing allows the air to circulate around the nodules which then results in faster processing time and provides your clients with the assurance they have invested in a genuine Foil Me product.
  • The perfect alignment of embossing and lightness of our foils ensures the foil grips to the hair, preventing slipping, whilst being comfortable for the guest.
  • The design features of our foils, whether they be the classic pop up, Flatter Me or the rolls, each have ease of use and faster application time in mind in their design. All 500 sheet pop up foils have push tabs on the bottom of the packet for when the foil sheets become low.
  • Our brushes are designed specifically by Sheree Knobel and us for the savvy colourists across the world. They are specialised tools for creating masterpieces more efficiently while ensuring the comfort of guests is not compromised.
  • We care about the environment and the effect that the hair industry can have on mother nature, therefore our brushes, packaging, and foils are 100% recyclable and the foils are made from a percentage of recycled aluminium.

Impressive, efficient and supportive service where understanding your needs is Foil Me’s ethos. The experience with us continues past the ordering stage as we continue to support you through social media and other forms of communication; when you order from Foil Me, you become a part of the Foil Me family.

You can check out Foil Me on Facebook or Instagram, where you’ll find us supporting and promoting all the fabulous Foil Me lovers.